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“Harmony is the spiritual beauty of any intimate relationship.  It is elegant coexistence, peaceful compatibility, a similarity of frequency.  It is knowing that you share the same view of the world, that what you want out of life runs along parallel lines.  It’s looking at your beloved and being able to say to yourself, ‘We stand for the same things, don’t we? We may encounter some rough spots, but at the heart we both share the same values.’” -- Daphne Rose Kigma

Before a candlelit altar, a young groom takes the hand of his bride and vows:


“Today I commit my body and spirit to you.  I promise to try always to make our relationship grow through openness in communication; through trust in our willingness to work toward our mutual god; through our love for each other even when that love seems hidden for the moment.”


Words such as these have touched the hearts of so many couples I have worked with over the years. I was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1981.  I am affiliated with two religious organizations: C.I.T.I. (an organization of married Catholic Priests) and the International Council of Community Churches.   I am a New York State Officiant who performs Religious, Civil,  Interfaith, and Non-denominational Weddings.  

Many of the weddings at which I officiate at are from the Catholic tradition for those couples who for whatever reason cannot or choose not to be married in the Roman Catholic Church. 


I also officiate at many interfaith ceremonies including Jewish/Catholic ceremonies where I co-officiate with a Rabbi or Cantor. For couples who are not affiliated with any one particular religious tradition but still seek a meaningful spiritual experience I offer them a very simple ceremony.   Click here for an example.


I give you this ring as a sign of my Love.

A Prayer for Love, Happiness and Peace.


It would be my honor to assist you in your journey of new life.  Call or e-mail me so we can begin the conversation.  

My cell phone is (516) 241-5647 and my email address is


Possible Order for Your Wedding Ceremony


Processional – Music


Words of Welcome


Opening Prayer  



(May be chosen by Couple or Officiant and may be read by Readers or Officiant; readings from bible, poetry, or a combination.  Click here for a list of many suggestions.)



Reflection / Homily



(Traditional or Contemporary – written or selected by Couple)  



Exchange of Rings 

(Words may be traditional or other words chosen by Couple)  



Unity Candle 

(Optional -- Music is also optional)  


Final Blessing  


Pronouncement / Kiss


Recessional – Music

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